How to publish H5P content in a page/post

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In this short article, the way to publish H5P content in a page or post will be demonstrated. First, you should have already created your content (see relevant tutorial (when it exists)).
The next step would be to find out the shortcode of your content.

First you need to go to the H5P Content on the left
Next step, you go to the content you want to insert
Notice the section on the right called “Shortcode”? Write down or copy the code in the square brackets

Next, create the page or post using add new on the left

In your new page, you will need to add the shortcode in order to show the content

Click on the ‘+’ sign on a new block and navigate to ‘Widgets’
In ‘Widgets’, select ‘Shortcode’
Paste the relevant shortcode in

Last step would be to publish the page

Press publish on the top right, and then again when it asks you to confirm
Enjoy your content!

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